Why Staffing For Hire

is right for you!

Our Objective

Understanding our clients’ daily operations and culture is the result of our 15 years experience in the staffing industry. We are highly motivated to match our clients’ needs with the right employees, while understanding your urgency. We have contracted with many companies and we are proud of our ongoing relationships. Staffing For Hire is confident that we can support you with your staffing needs.

Staffing For Hire understands that the business environment is constantly evolving, therefore we have many hiring options to best benefit your needs. Staffing For Hire assumes the responsibility of recruiting, interviewing, evaluating, and screening an excellent candidate for you.


Contract Options

Sometimes, you may need to enhance your staff for a major project without adding permanent personnel. Staffing For Hire can offer temporary professionals that can start immediately with little to no training. Since temporary professionals are focused on specific projects or tasks, they start with the mindset of completing the job.  When the assignment is finished Staffing For Hire will ensure a smooth transition and if you decide that your company would benefit from our employee you can choose to convert our candidate to your company.


Direct Hire Professionals

If you need professionals immediately this is your best option! If you are looking for a full-time employee, but don’t necessarily have the time or resources to go through the hiring processes, Staffing For Hire can help to fit you with the right person.


Temp-to-Hire Staff

Temp-to-hire is the best way to test a candidate before extending them a permanent position with your company.  This will not only save you money but also allow you to assess their skills and work ethics. It allows you the ability to review a candidate’s performance and suitability to your company’s work environment; then, when you are completely satisfied you can offer them a permanent position with your company.


Temporary/Special Projects

Many candidates enjoy working with staffing agencies because they enjoy long or short-term special projects. These candidates are highly skilled and extremely motivated. They do not have any expectations of being hired by the client; therefore there are no misunderstandings or hurt feelings.

All of our candidates are put through a thorough screening to ensure quality professionals.  The process includes but is not limited to:

Reference check, Professional license verification, Industry appropriate assessment tests, Face-to-face interviews, Background checks, Drug Tests, OIG checks

Staffing For Hire invests tremendous resources to recruit the best-qualified candidates.  We partake in:

Industrial referral networking, Employee referral networking, Advanced internet recruitment, Membership in professional organizations, Advertisements in industry specific publications, Trade shows and career fairs